Thursday, November 20, 2014

Posted Thursday 20th Night:

Weather expected for the Sub Continent for the weekend 21st - 23rd November:

Except for some showers in Southern Kerala and South TN, dry weather in the rest of the region.

Hot weather with days reaching 35c in Saurashtra and Konkan ( Mumbai and Goa) and adjoining coastal Gujarat (Surat).
Slight rise upto 32c expected in North Maharashtra and Telengana.

In the Northern Plains, the night temperatures will remain in the current range, as prevailing . Around 1/2c below normal .Delhi will be around 9-11c, and Punjab towns cooler around 6-8c.

Mumbai, warm weekend at 34/35c, and nights going to 22/23c by Sunday.
Pune , partly cloudy Friday. Nights falling to 13/14c from Saturday.

Bangalore, partly cloudy weekend, with the day/night range between 28c and 17c.
Chennai, no rain, partly cloudy with a day/night range  between 32c and 24/25c.
Thiruvananthpuram can expect thunder showers in the late afternoon/evenings on Saturday and Sunday.Southern Idduki district can also get evening showers.Vazhathope had 4 mms of rain on Thursday.

In Pakistan, Islamabad will be in the 22-5c range, and Karachi warmer at 35 -19c.
A WD expected in the Northern regions on 25th November.

From Vagaries.
Nagercoil - 6:30pm, "Almost a cloud burst here" ... heavy T shower from 5:30pm till now.

5:30pm, T showers seen over S-tip, S-E coast Tamilnadu... 

A weak W.D is expected to affect N,N-W Kashmir, N,N-central Pakistan during next 2 days ... 

Easterlies is still affecting S,S-E coast of Tamilnadu today ... 
During next 2 days, the easterlies is expected to persist along S-E Tamilnadu coast below 10N !

Afternoon of Today, Friday... T showers expected over S S-central Tamilnadu and moderate rain along S,S-E coast Tamilnadu.
On Friday, Saturday... light showers expected along N,central coast Tamilnadu and Drizzles possible for #Chennai.

A good easterlies is expected to affect most zones of Tamilnadu coast after Tuesday of next week !
#Chennai - Less showers forecast even till November end.

Karaikal - 12:11pm, Gusty winds with a heavy cloud cover!