Thursday, December 05, 2013

JTWC issues Cyclone formation ALERT for "Depression - 92B"
"Very less Cyclones have traveled from S-W Bay to N Bay or to Myanmar coast and that too during N-E Monsoon, December" ... any comments ?
4pm, Visible shows a line of T showers approaching central, N Tamilnadu coast ... and Deep convestions around 92B.. 

#Chennai RADAR shows a line of T showers from Karaikal coast to Chennai coast,  
It is slowly drifting towards coast. 

#Bangalore - 8:13am, " mist"

#COLD north India, today Najibabad (Uttar Pradesh) records 5 C.
#COLD North India, Hissar, Jammu, Ludhiana, Lucknow = 7 C, Srinagar = -3 C 
A weak W.D is slowly pushing into Kashmir.
Scattered rain / snow expected over Kashmir, N Himachal during next 48hrs.

#Chennai - 2:27pm, Slightly warm now with breeze from N-N-E.
Partly cloudy.

92B - Now a depression after 4 days.

Analysis at 11:30am suggest that "92B" is slowly taking a good shape and it has intensified during past 12hrs.
Now it can be termed as a "Depression".
Pressure is around 1000mb
Winds gusting to 55 kmph.
Presently the center of the system is located over S-W Bay near to E-N-E coast of Srilanka.
Latest position is plotted here ...

Here's the latest wind analysis of 92B.

Visible satellite shot at 1pm shows, deep convective activity over its N,N-E,S-E quadrants and bands.
And heavy T cells visible vear near to S-E,Central Tamilnadu coast.

Most of the models suggest a initial drift to N-W during next 2 days and then continue to intensify and move North along Tamilnadu coast.
And the latest upper level (above 500hpa) wind direction analysis is supporting this view.

During next 24hrs, due to "92B", scattered rain expected along N,central,S-E coast of Tamilnadu.
Scattered T showers also possible over South Tamilnadu as well.
#Chennai can expect showers during late evening today or midnight.
ALL these warnings WILL change IF 92B drifts N-W during next 12hrs.

92B is slowly shaping  upon now.
Pressure around 1004mb
Located  over E.S.E  Srilanka  coast.