Monday, November 08, 2010

5:30pm, Heavy thunder shower over N-W Karnataka, S and S.central Tamilnadu and Coastal Orissa ...
RT @sujatha21: RT @karaditales: RT @ambikajois: Some wud be wishing for rain! - (video)
COLA-GFS predicts another cyclone over S.central Bay on 15-Nov ...
RT @riyaaz: To stop rain or make a storm disappear, declare holiday for Schools and Colleges reasoning heavy rains :-)
Mahabaleshwar - Evening sky after a shower, taken on 6-Nov-2010... .. contributed by our web site reader.
Next BAY cyclone is predicted to hit N.Andhra coast around 18-Nov.
RT @balajisanjeev: Woke up to a bright, shiny morning today. Looks like Jal has run out of steam. should I say run out of water jal (6:59am)
3pm, Heavy showers along South tip of Tamilnadu ... Now the remnant of cyclone Jal is along Coastal Karnataka ,,
re-visit :: "4 - 6 cm rain through out North and Coastal tamilnadu with a category 1 storm is worthless" ...
Chennai - Having a partly cloudy sky and sunshine.. now 3:39pm
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 2.25pm, Sky getting cloud cover; it is partially cloudy now!!!