Sunday, May 03, 2009

Huge thunder cell over Bihar

A super HOT day over most of India.
And a Super Thunder cell formed and drenched parts of southern Bihar, West Bengal and Over Central Bangladesh.
More thunder storms were visible over parts of Rajasthan and southern Karnataka

A summer that spelt cruelty -- 03-Jun-2001, The Hindu

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CHENNAI, JUNE 2. After two years of ``softer seasons,'' summer this year, especially the period of ``Agni Natchatram'' which ended on Monday, proved extremely unkind to Chennai, as the city experienced one of the severest heat wave spells this time.

So far this month, the maximum temperature exceeded 40 degree Celsius for 12 days in Nungambakkam and for 14 days in the Meenambakkam weather station. Last year, Numgambakkam had only five such days and Meenambakkam eight days. In 1999, only one day in Nungambakkam and two days in Meenambakkam, saw the barometer cross the 40 degree C mark.

It was in 1998 that both observatories witnessed the maximum temperature going beyond 40 degree Celsius for a period ranging from 10 to 15 days. At that time, the season was at its peak in the second half of May.

Considered the hottest spell during summer as per the Hindu almanac, the ``Agni Natchatram or Khatri'' season, started on May 4. With this period ending today, the general expectation among the city residents is that the heat wave spell will also end in Chennai and its suburbs.

Though the Meteorological Department does not attach any significance to the Khatri season, ``we regard May as the peak summer for Chennai'', Mr.S.K. Subramanian, Director of the Area Cyclone Warning Centre, says.

This month, the maximum temperature of 44.1 degree Celsius was registered in Meenambakkam on May 12. The next day, Nungambakkam saw the mercury touching 43.1 degree Celsius. Two days later, Tambaram, where the Air Force runs a weather unit, recorded 43.6 degree Celsius.

The city's peak summer spell was between May 12 and 16 when the temperature in Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam hovered around 40 degree Celsius and 44 degree Celsius, for four successive days. After a day's break, the mercury table went up in the two observatories for the next three days and ranged from 40 to 42 degree Celsius. Between May 21 and 24, the weather was milder as the maximum temperature was below 40 degree Celsius in the two areas. From May 25 to 27, the table rose again and was in the range of 40 degree Celsius to 41 degree Celsius.

MJO "wet phase" and "Present temperature"

MJO - 40 day forecast predicts a GOOD wet phase from 12-May-09 to 25-May-09.

Take a look...

We do not what it is going to be for Indian sub-continent... May be a early setting of South-west monsoon..???

At present though it's severe heat thru out central, northern and south-central sub-continent.

Here's the Temperature chart for today.


Chennai is clear and Hazy and will be for next 5 days.

Max termperature is around 37, 38 deg celcius, this is mostly due to a intermittent cold wind from South-east from the Bay.

Once this stops, we'll have a record breaking 43 deg celcius. Chennai people, expect this soon.

For tamilnadu "Agni Natchatram" is starting from 4-May-09

For your info:

Agni Natchatram:
The hottest part of the summer; it is forecast in the Almanac. Prayers are offered to God to lessen the intensity of the heat