Saturday, October 16, 2010

The DD crossing inland yesterday, has weakened, very rapidly, into a well marked low at 1002 mb. And is now over Orissa/Vidharbha border region.

Since it has weakened, not rapidly, but Very Rapidly, I do not foresee a UAC coming upto Mah. border, leave alone forming a vortex on the west coast.

I would put up a Maharashtra forecast for Saturday like medium rains, maybe between 2-3 cms, scattered in the state. and isolated patch may receive up to 5 cms on Saturday.Interior rains decreasing on Sunday.
In M.P. rainfall will be decreasing, and almost ceasing in the rear of the fast dissipating system.

I think, we can hope for the NEM soon, to ride on an easterly wave expected soon.
Chennai - Touched a max of 36.6 C (2:20pm) and having a clear & Hot day... will stay like these till 23-Oct-2010
Another Low level circulation will pop over N-E Bay on 18-Oct-2010 ... ... which is set to cross S.Bengal on 21-Oct
2pm, Remnant of "97B" is over N.Andhra and E. Maharastra ...