Friday, October 01, 2010

Rains this season create records in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur...
Maharashtra begins artificial rain project ...
Places which has received nearly 400 cm for the year 2010 ...
3:30pm, More thunder cells over N,central and S. Kerala and All over Tamilnadu ...
Nagercoil - Heavy showers lashing Nagercoil & suburbs from 2:45pm... till now 4:21pm
RT @AnwarKhan_IRUSA: Lush green fields of Punjab
Latest GFS model suggests that North East monsoon will set in over Coastal Tamilnadu on 6 / 7-Oct-2010
North East monsoon onset over N. Tamilnadu coast on 7-Oct-2010...?? Early this time ??
Chennai - Thunder cell over S-W suburbs now 2;51pm
1:30pm, Cloud activity along entire Andhra coast is due to a medium level circulation over N. Andhra..
1:30pm, Entire coastal districts of Tamilnadu is under early thunder storms ..
S. Andhra coast is active with showers all thru night.. this is due to a medium level circulation over N. Andhra..
Chennai - Still 2:20pm having good cloud cover... temp. touched 30.7 C (1:23pm) and wind from N-E. Chance of a shower towards evening 5pm.
Chennai - Woke up to a huge dead thunder cell over North, North-W and North-East... Heavy cloud activity seen over S-E at 11:30am.
Rains 2% above average since start of season ...
Monsoon Rainfall in India Best in Three Years as La Nina Event Strengthens ...
Monsoon retreat behind rain, says IMD ..
Monsoon winds up on positive note, crops gain..
COLA GFS suggests that the showers for S. Tamilnadu will continue till 6-Oct and entire Tamilnadu coast will start to get rain from 7-Oct.
RT @malhotramona: @weatherofindia lighting and light showers in bombay sorry could not take a photo to share (8:08pm)