Friday, January 06, 2012

7pm, Heavy rain,snow occurring over Kashmir, N. Punjab, Himachal .. and E.srilanka getting a battering from UAC..
RT @ambaarsaria: @weatherofindia raining cats n dogs n hails in Amritsar .. 4:14pm
chennai - Today morning it was not at all like a January morning 24.4 C (6:36am) .. Min. temp will dip from Monday
From 10-Jan.. fall in minimum temperatures by 2 to 3 C over many parts of northwest and adjoining central India
Visibility would reduce to 100 M or less in morning hours over some parts of UP, Bihar and Sub­Himalayan West Bengal during next 24 hours
On 5-Jan, highest Maximum temperature of 35.2 C was recorded at Punalur (South Kerala)
Present S.Bay UAC and easterlies will crash over E,S-E Srilanka on 8-Jan.. some spillover showers possible for S.Tamil..
Today an UAC can be seen over S.Bay along 5th parallel, along with the approaching easterlies.
Showers also possible for N-E states and Orissa from today till 12-Jan and beyond ..
As the strong W.D moves S-E .. heavy, scattered showers possible for Punjab, Himachal and Uttarakand till 9-Jan..
A strong anti-cyclone has formed over N-E Andhra, Orissa and N-W Bay .. likely to move over N.Bay and stay till 9-Jan.
A weak W.D, is due to approach the Northern regions of Pakistan and the Northern states of India on Tuesday, 10th.Jan. An induced low, secondary, will travel eastwards alongwith the system, and bring rain to the Balochistan and Sindh regions on the 10th.Karachi can expect cloudy weather, with some precipitation on Tuesday, 10th.