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ஏரிகள் மாவட்டம்

The formation of NE-SW or North-South broken cloud band, sometimes more than 120km in length and formed in Bay of Bengal especially in  SW & West Central Bay, lashed as rain only in coastal town and villages in Tiruvalluvar,Chennai and Kanchipuram districts.  Continental dry Easterly wind from Russian lands, circumventing Himalayas and entered the Bay from NEly direction.  when the winds blow close to coast of the above said regions, huge cloud formation happened and the coast and adjoining places were lashed with rain......

One must bear in mind that Tiruvalluvar, Chennai, Kanchipuram districts are heavy downpour regions and they were once considered as "Districts of Lake" ( ஏரிகள் மாவட்டம்). with or without knowing this "realtors" encroached and people also built home on lakes.  Natural storm water drains were blocked and ultimately the rain water instead draining naturally to sea or to other water body inundates the human habitats........ 

Surprisingly, to some extend, the sub ways built on Trunk Road and on artillery roads acted as DRAINAGE  LAKE  and the RAIN water of those place (adjacent to the subways) is NOT flooding the area because of the fact that the flood water is drained in subways.  This is an eye opener.

Government must consider built subways to manage traffic at appropriate flood ( & TRAFFIC) vulnerable AREAS.  By the same time sub ways THUS BUILT will act as "drainage lakes" for the flood water to drain. All subways should have proper under ground storage facility to drain the waters in sub way and that storage should be linked to drain the excess water  in major river like PALAR. The storage water can be utilized for fire fighting, and for other purpose during non rainy days /summer months.

 More sub ways and associated under ground storage system can be consider in artillery roads from MADIPAKKAM, KEELKATTALAI,  MEDAVAKKAM, MUDUCHUR, URAPPAKKAM (GST ROAD), KUDUVANCHERRY [GST ROAD] SP KOIL (GST ROAD)  & Paranur and can be linked to drain the excess water in appropriate nearby water body or Rivers like Palar/ Adayar / Coovum and /or Kosathaliyar.

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