Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chennai - 6:53pm, Just now a sharp shower started over Pallavaram zone.
2pm, As COLA model suggested heavy rains for N.coastal and N-W Maharastra (including Mumbai) ... ..
2pm, As the N-W Bay LOW marches inland... heavy rain over Orissa, S,S-E MP, Chatisgarh and E.Maharastra..
Chennai - Airport records 4cm during Midnight T.storm.. More T.showers expected today as well !!
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Amazing n heavy down pour in Mumbai since early morning. (12:52pm)
RT @shrenit10: Heavy rains has returned in Mumbai and forecast is for rains to get even more heavier and stay till tuesday. @weatherofindia


Sharp showers cool mumbai. Sat map saturday 5 am
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Chennai - a mini cloud burst happening now 12am over polichalur. Really massive!