Tuesday, September 20, 2011

chennai - Good sea breeze now 3:06pm at lower levels.. and strong cloud formations seen over S-W at around 130km from city.
As of today's analysis..the present T.showers along Andhra coast and N.Tamilnadu coast will cease after 23-Sep.
Today, very high vertical velocity can be seen along Andhra coast and N.tamilnadu.. http://ow.ly/i/hEn2
RT @prasannadmi: Chennai climate is awesome. (2:48pm)
From 23-Sep.. the moisture presence ALL over India will go down.. except over E.India and N-E States .. http://ow.ly/i/hEmJ
The fresh N.Bay circulation will move slowly into S.Bengal and S.Bangladesh .. and stay there till 26-Sep.. http://ow.ly/i/hEms
A fresh and strong circulation has formed over N.Bay .. http://ow.ly/i/hEmg
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 12.20pm, Sudden torrential downpour, with dark clouds from SW a pic http://ping.fm/kKVqX
RT @aravindh_mohan: @weatherofindia bangalore looks cool and pleasant now! No signs of rain! (1:44pm)
RT@rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.00am, Sunny, hot and humid. Dark cloud formations in the SW.
chennai - LOW cloud formation has started again over S,S-W of city.. signs of more and early T.showers ahead.
chennai - Tamilnadu.. accumulated rainfall for the past 24hrs .. till 8:20am.. http://ow.ly/i/hDRy
@fabwrite @ndtvhindu - due to heavy over night rain, school holiday for Chennai, kanchipuram, thiruvallur district of Tamilnadu
Chennai - the present 6:52am drizzle will last for another 30 to 45 min
RT@leprincz: It's been raining all night! chennai @chennaiweather - yes , now 6:42am also drizzles continue.