Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest satellite shot shows.. More HEAVY showers on way from Sea ..
New Typhoon over pacific near Philippines ..
Chennai - After a thundery rain spell, now 8:14pm its calm with Low cloud formation. More rain after Midnight.
Chennai - Showers expected after 5:45pm
Chennai - Thru the day after 10:30am shower it was clear.. now 5:17pm, we can see good low cloud formation from East.
Chennai - Now 10:25am a sharp shower.. more coming up thru the day.
Chennai RADAR, Precipitation Accumulation from 3am,26-Oct to 3am,27-Oct .. .. more rain over Sea than over land.
On 26-Oct Till 27-8:30am:: Thiruchendur (Tuticorin dt) 3, Boothapandi (Kanyakumari dt) & Chennai 2cm each.
On 26-Oct:: Mavelikara (Alapuzha dt) and Kayamkulam (Alapuzha dt) recorded very heavy and heavy rainfall of 13 and 7 centimetres
RT @Megwell: 44 inflatable boats to help Chennai float | Deccan Chronicle
Chennai - This rainy weather pattern of NE is going to be LONG. and we can have surprise showers especially during early morning & evening.
Chennai - Started drizzling now 7:53am and we can hear distant Thunder from over Sea... signs of things to come.
Latest satellite (6:30am) shot shows early morning NE monsoon activity all along TN coast ..
Tamil Nadu Coast is in for more widespread HEAVY showers from 31-Oct-09
GFS: 1-Nov:: .... GFS: 2-Nov:: ... GFS: 3-Nov::
.. after that a LOW pressure is forming over south Bay and will move in around 1st and 2nd of Nov-09.
More rain and Heavy for tomorrow.. ... and
Chennai - After early morning sharp shower, now 7:45am we'll have a Long and steady mild shower.
Another Typhoon in making over Pacific ..
More widespread showers forecast for today. At times showers will be sharp and long starting from today ..
Still NE air current is not that strong.. but from today it'll gradually pickup.