Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MaalaiMalar:: More rains coming up for TN and Chennai ..
Tamilnadu: Rain in Nagercoil ..
More heavy moisture moving in from East from Bay to lighten-up Chennai and TN coast's weekend.
GFS predicts that the local burst/moisture pocket WILL arise again before noon of Thursday ..
Chennai - This moisture & local burst might arise tomorrow mid-morning as well... we'll keep it updated from early morning itself.
Chennai - Today we had a very unusual day.. with HEAVY moisture lingering over city day till 4pm..
Chennai - A clear evening after a "Local Cloud Burst" day for most parts of south, south-west, west and north-west suburbs.
Satellite shows VERY heavy shower activity over south & interior Andhra ..
Nagercoil - Drizzled almost all thru the day.
Chennai - After the shower the clouds has not moved away.. warm again, and cloud build continues. Look out for another HEAVY shower.
RT @kbalakumar: Chennai roads are a shame. They are veritable killers. Still the government doesn't seem to have woken up to the dangerous reality.
Chennai - Good Easterly moisture feed from sea is making this (sudden local burst) happen..
Chennai - Now the showers has started moving towards west and has become as a thunder storm.
Chennai - These showers don't come from sea.. these are sudden local bursts.
Chennai - All of a sudden a Sharp and heavy shower lashed parts of south and west and north-west suburbs.
Cloud formation over south Bay will move up into Bay from Thursday.. according to latest GFS.
More showers for North coast , delta coast and south coast from saturday night.
Chennai - now 9:10am its clear blue skies with some LOW cloud movement from east.
Chennai - Some parts of south Chennai rcvd some mild short shower in early morning.. Heavy cloud formation seen over north-west and west. .. some showers also visible over interior Andhra as well.
All thru night Gulf of Mannar was active with thunder storm., showers also visible over entire south TN..