Friday, October 31, 2014

Chennai - 9pm, moderate to heavy rain pushing into city. A long wet night ahead into morning.

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Kabarwala, S Punjab - After long gap Today i saw cloudy Sunset  its a Nilofar Affect.. #weather

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Chennai - 6pm, drizzle started over Polichalur zone. Rain intensity expected to increase towards early hours of Saturday.

#Chennai - 4pm, Cloud cover getting heavy now!.
Heavy rain seen upto 70 to 100km S-E,E from city.
Drizzle possible in next 1.5 hr!
Next North Indian Ocean Cyclone will be named as "Ashobaa" and not "Priya".
Pls check here for list of names... 

Chennai - 10:25am, warm now. Heavy rain has pushed up to 150 km over SE, E and ENE.
Expected to push in around late-evening.
Will it ??

If the consolidation of S Bay circulation begins from Saturday, then there'll be less or no rain along Tamilnadu coast and Chennai.

As of now, models suggest moderate to heavy showers along central , N coast Tamilnadu, Chennai from today evening till Sunday. .!

Present S Bay elongated circulation has persisted and drifted slightly to west... 
During next 2 or 3 days this S Bay circulation is expected to consolidate into Marked LOW over the same zone.
This system after 3-Nov is expected to drift N-W and develop into a Depression or even Cyclone Priya and strike central, N Tamilnadu coast 

Today, 1-Nov.
Due to this present S Bay circulation... 
Showers forecast along N,central-coast Tamilnadu and #chennai .
Due to "expected" consolidation of the system over S Bay.. the forecast showers for Tamilnadu coast on today, 1-Nov "may not materialize".

This is the model prediction of Cyclone Priya or Deep Depression striking central, N coast Tamilnadu on 7-Nov... 

Update on 31-Oct...
Next Cyclone will be named as "Ashobaa" and not "Priya".

Nilofar - Where is it?? Almost fizzled out now !

IR at 1am suggests that the entire circulation is exposed now and moderate convective activity seen only along N-E bands of the system.
Now it's just a Deep depression.

Cloudy skies with scattered light rain already prevailing over Gujarat, S,S-W Rajasthan and S-E Pakistan.
In next 24hrs... scattered moderate showers expected along S,S-W,W Gujarat, S,S-E Pakistan and into S,S-W Rajasthan.
As of now "NO Cyclone landfall expected over W,S-W Gujarat coast"

Cyclone "NILOFAR" Closing on Landfall , Weakening Rapidly ..