Monday, February 15, 2016

T showers ahead for S,SE Tamilnadu during next 3 days

9:30pm, cloudy with scattered light rain over S,central,E Madhyapradesh into S,SE Uttarpradesh, S Bihar, Jharkhand, SW Bengal.
9:30pm, Gulf of Mannar is active with a T shower due to easterlies and circulation over S Bay along 5th latitude ..

Today as well the circulation over S Bay persists.
This easterlies may affect Tamilnadu coast on 17-Feb..

GFS continues to suggest scattered rains for S,SE,S-central Tamilnadu on 17,18-Feb due to this easterlies.
N,central coast will be cloudy !
S,SE-coast Tamilnadu may get a T shower before morning of 16-Feb.
More rain on Wednesday, Thursday !

Persisting low-level anti-cyclone along NE Andhra will push the present easterlies south, not allowing to affect N,central coast Tamilnadu.