Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RT @dkcbe: @akaasi ஹோப் காலேஜ். சரியான மழை. - Coimbatore (4:32pm)
Fresh T.showers possible for N,central Coastal Tamilnadu, S.coastal Andhra after 4am (morning of 13-Oct)
7:30pm, Good T.showers over W,central. Maharastra, N-W. Karnataka, Goa, N-W,W,S. Tamilnadu and central Kerala..
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Loks lke Gods are happy clicking photos frm up above. Unexpectd T showers in Mumbai. Roads r slippery.(7:04pm)
RT @akaasi: @DKCBE intense rain in Eachanari too. Coimbatore gets rain finally. @weatherofindia (5:02pm)
Heavy rain forecast for N.Kerala, N-W. Tamilnadu, S, coastal Karnataka till 15-Oct... till the circulation moves into Arabian sea
Latest IMD model forecasts that N-E monsoon current will emerge into S-E corner Bay on 18-Oct and Onset over Tamilnadu coast is on 21-Oct
By 14-Oct, a circulation will pop over Lakshadweep seas and will become strong on 15-Oct and continue to move W-N-W..
Tomorrow, the Bay circulation will vanish and Land circulation will be formed over W.Tamilnadu, Kerala and S.Karnataka.
Today, the S.central Bay circulation persists ...
chennai - 3:30pm, Major cloud formations over City has cleared up. May return after 5pm !
chennai - 3:29pm, Heavy cloud formation seen over S-S-W of Chennai and NO great rain reported from there yet!!
chennai - Having high humidity and very good Cloud formations now 1:44pm... wind from N-E.. City getting ready to host a T.shower


Final monsoon leg over lonavala
Indo-French Weather Satellite-the 1000kg "Megha Tropique", sucessfully put in Orbit 20 minutes ago from Sri HariKota.--Satellite boon for Tropical Countries.

12.10.2011 / 0000 Z cloud imagery

12.10.2011:: 0000 Z upper wind
The upper wind easterlies becoming westerlies and penetrating deep into 70 DEG E longitude. This induces Thundry weather system beneath.  From cloud imagery one can notice cloud formation in Arabian sea guided by these upper winds. These are small vortex thunder cloud clusters. AT lower levels this will give rainfall from NW to SE or NORTH to South direction
chennai - present 6:31am, wind is from West, this may not support the cloud formation for now !
chennai - present dead T.cell over S-W and N-W of city may invoke a Thunder shower over the city itself in another 1 or 2 hrs
chennai - steady drizzles continuing over S-W suburbs for the past 30 min (6:29am)
chennai - Heavy rain can be seen over North of city at around 60km ... 6am
chennai - Heavy rain can be seen over North of city at around 60km ... 6am
5am, Huge thunder cloud activity can be seen N,N-W of Chennai ... now 6:18am it's almost dead..