Friday, June 08, 2012

RT @gvram20: @weatherofindia strong breeze has set in last hr at 9 pm Chennai signs of rain nearby >> Raining near Chengelpet, Kanchipuram.
RT @sreecanraj: Hardly small rain today Kerala
Till 11-Jun.. there'll be a lull in monsoon showers along Karnataka and Kerala coast.. will pick up after that!
Rainfall data ALL over India till 8:30am, 8-Jun-2012 ...
chennai - for the past 1hr.. the sea breeze from E-S-E is picking up. Sea breeze can be found upto 0.3 km above Sea level.
Super strong T.showers lashed zones S,S-W of chennai (around 80km from city) for the past 2hrs and showers are now 7pm over Sea.
RT @samiazmi: @MashableHQ Rain pic from a car. Kerala India mashpics
3:30pm, T.showers seen over S.Karnataka, N-E Andhra, Central Orissa and N-W Maharastra ..
Present W.D will vanish in another 36hrs.. and next weak one is expected to reach W.Kashmir on 12-Jun !
Monsoon along S-W Peninsula to pick up strength after 11-Jun... for next 3 days the showers will be less heavy..
RT @rojusmail: The White Flower - The symbol of purity, The symbol of love Taken during rain in kochi kerala
chennai - 4pm, Showers seen North of Ponneri .. around 35km from city... Good sea breeze from East at Low levels.
N.Bay may pop a Monsoon circulation on 12-Jun.. but models suggest that it'll not sustain ..
RT @vrraghy: Drizzling in Southern Bangalore! m/ Weather Cc: @weatherofindia (3:32pm)
@javiies @abhilashram >> Share a Bangalore Rain photo, if possible. Thanks
RT @javiies: Here it comes.. rain Bangalore (2:59pm)
RT @abhilashram: Wow and finally rain in Bangalore (3pm)
Mumbai - monsoon is expected to push into City and cover N-W maharastra coast on 11-Jun..
RT @india_travel_s: Mumbai rain disrupts local trains
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.30am, Overcast sky with Sun peeping out !!! Awaiting for the First pre-monsoon showers.
RT @devarya: monsoon over kerala india rain iphoneasia
chennai - at 1:10pm, 38.0°C.. with stiff breeze from West continues!
RT @gvram20: @weatherofindia clear blue skies at 11.30 Chennai