Sunday, November 09, 2014

As BB-13 dissipates , Ongole in Prakasam district received 21 mms rain overnight and 8 mms till Sunday evening. Several towns in Prakasam and Nellore received between 10-20 mms.

Now, BB-14, our next anticipated Low, is ready and entering the Andaman Sea. Still at 8N and 96E, it is estimated at 1006 mb. Tracking W/NW, it will move into the Bay on Monday. As per current indications, should track towards the TN coast, but will ultimately be at Depression strength when crossing TN coast around 13th Night.

Chennai: Cloudy Monday, and getting overcast on Tuesday. Rains increasing from Late Tuesday Night. Intermittent rains on Wednesday and frequency and intensity increasing on Wednesday night. Accumulated rains from Tuesday night to Thursday morning cold be 80-90 mms.

Western Indian Coast:
We have easterlies blowing along the west coast, rising the day temperatures in the coastal cities of the Konkan and Goa. 

From Tuesday, the afternoons and post noon period will see West winds blowing from the Sea into the Interiors of the Coastal Belt. This will form a merging (meeting) of the prevailing East winds with the West winds along the strip from North Konkan to Southern Karnataka. As a result, thunder showers will develop in the hinterland regions, with rain clouds bringing light rains to the coast.
Result: Absolute coastal towns along Konkan will get light showers  or little rains. Towns along the interior of the coast will get thunder showers upto 20-25 mms.

City Forecasts on vagaries.

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2:30pm, 05B effect " cloudy over Bhubaneswar " #weather

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Chennai - 12:47pm, getting hot and sunny. Photo from Polichalur. We missed the rain today morning. #weather

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Tirunelveli - 11:47am, hot, hazy and humid. #weather

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Nagercoil - 11:41am, hot, clear and humid. #weather

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6:45am, Heavy rain over now over S,central coast of Andhra just 100km north from Chennai.. ..