Monday, January 13, 2014

Outlook for Mumbai from 14th January :

14th January, Sankrant, and we need good winds for kite flying. So, late morning/afternoon will see NW winds at 15 kmph, and turning to winds from the North and around 15 kmph, but getting calm late evening/night. Temperature around 28/29c and morning will be around 18/19c at Scruz and 20/21c at Colaba.
Similar weather for Wednesday, brisk breeze, days around 29c.
Thursday 16th evening will be windy with WNW winds, and moist winds bringing in dew and some clouding in the night.
Friday morning will be foggy in the outer areas, with low around 16/17c in the suburbs. Windy in the day, with a high at 28c.
Friday partly cloudy specially in the outer regions.

A WD, is expected to cross the Himalayan States on the 16th and 17th. This WD will have a southerly trough in the plains. The trough slanting towards the SE (from NW), with an induced low around Northern MP/Adjoining UP, will have a favourable upper SW winds in the Southern and SE segment.
Rainfall is likely in MP, adjoining North Mah, and adjoining Western Up on 17th jan. 
Delhi NCR will be cloudy on 16th and with precipitation in some areas on 17th. 

Northern regions of Pakistan get rain/snow from the system, but rest of Pakistan remains dry, as the induced ( upper) low forms over India, and contributes most of the rain in the East of the WD.
Karachi will be dry, and between 25 and 11c...Thursday will be very windy, with gusty NE winds blowing.
Kathmandu may finally see its January dry spell broken..Rainfall expected in Kathmandu from the system on the 18th and 19th.
Due to J-3 pushing Eastwards, Heavy Rains expected in Dubai on Saturday 18th.