Sunday, July 03, 2011

Chennai - now 9:06pm the low level winds has changed direction from S-E to S-W ... so NO more rain for today !
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Chennai - a super sharp shower may reach Tambaram zone in another 30 min.
@nravs >> Chennai - Yes, evening rains expected till 7-Jul and beyond
Chennai - again showers expected over S,S-W, W-S-W of chennai in another 1hr
Chennai - as expected , now 7:41pm we can see lightning over S, S-W of Chennai around 50 to 70km from center
A fast moving T.shower can be seen over W-S-W of Chengalpattu ... 7:06pm and it's moving in East direction.
@shanpati >> Mumbai - Widespread rainfall can be expected after 6-Jul... until then only some scattered sharp showers predicted.
Chennai - now 6:40pm we have good low level sea breeze from S-E ... Cloud formations may start after 8pm if the Sea breeze sustains.
Chennai - So far NO cloud formation today ... T.cells can be seen over S-W of Chennai around 100km from Center.
Heavy showers expected along Coastal Karnataka, S.coast Maharastra, N-E,S Andhra in next 48 hrs.
Today analysis show, Vertical velocity is high along Maharastra coast, N-E Andhra, S. Karnataka and S. Bengal ..