Thursday, September 25, 2014

My intution and ensuing SWM torrential rain.

It has been observed that the Indian Ocean High near Mauritius is extra ordinarily of higher value.  This pressure anomaly is unusual.  Its teleconnection will reflect in India as we saw flooding in [1] J&K and recent flooding in Mehalaya & Assam.  I see a symmetry with this flooding and pressure anomaly. My fear is yet another torrential rain along south / SW India  I have given few surface charts and other wind profile data for reference/ comparison.  It is NOT a forecast. But it is my intuition. Veteran may please correct me, if it is wrong.

 This is 24.09.2014 / 16LT chart where the pressure is mounting and the below one is chart depicting 1039hPa. 
The other weather phenomenon like the trough forming near KOMORIN sea etc to give rainfall

However the Southern Hemisphere wind sinking at 30Deg South Latitude  [General Circulation] is NOT known to me.

veteran must clear my doubt
25.09.2014 /12Z winf

How ever preparedness to encounter torrential rain is also good. [it may happen or may NOT, that is different]

Weather Instagram at September 25, 2014 at 01:45PM

#chennai - 1:25pm, hot, humid and with good sea breeze. Photo of mini T cell over N suburb near Ponneri. #weather

from Instagram

#chennai - 1:45pm, lots of mini rain systems has popped over NW,W suburbs of city. Expected to move South.