Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chennai - Heavy rain from west with medium winds.. just (10:55pm) started here in Polichalur (Pallavaram).
Chennai - Latest GFS models suggest a wet first week of september.
south-Bay is still active... Chennai will get a shower before 3 am tonight.
North-west India is clearing up, south-central is getting active .. ... south coastal Andhra receiving heavy rain.
Chennai - Is cloudy from evening, not threatening though. Now 10:18pm Low cloud formation can be seen along with distant lightning to south
RT @AllNewsSources: CNN: India loses radio contact with moon orbiter
Chennai - Just now touched 36.1°C (12:46pm)
Chennai - Now 11:07am is 34.4°C and rising.
Chennai - Yesterday high was 36.6°C (12:43pm)
Chennai - Now 11:05am it's clear , Hot and Sultry. Expected to get cloudy after 1pm. 80% chance of Showers after 5pm.
chennai - Late night yesterday, Chennai southern suburbs got mild drizzles.
North-west India is getting good showers .. ... Sikkim and North-east is also getting showers. South bay is active