Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chennai - at last thunder shower over south west suburbs of city 6:09pm
Chennai - all cloud formation has vanished now 4:33pm! It may start again around 6pm or clear off totally.
chennai - city might host a thunder cell over city limits itself in another 30 min
chennai - 3:52pm having good cloud formation over the Southern, W-N-W parts of city... a sharp shower possible soon!
chennai - 3:50pm, sea breeze now extends upto 1km height and we have a strong T.shower over W-N-W of City and moving S-E
RT @bheemaupadhyaya: My sneeze and clear sky indicate that there is change in pressure in Bangalore. Clear skies,not even remote clouds seen
RT @lotus_luva: Happy Dassara/Dusshera/Aiyutha Pooja ...
chennai - going by present (1:20pm) wind and cloud formations.. chance of T.shower towards evening is getting high !
chennai - Good cloud formations can be seen over North, N-W of City and already it's raining over N-W at 50km from city center
chennai - Touched a max of 35.1 C (12:14pm) and now having good sea breeze from East at lower levels.
11:30am, Western disturbance has started affecting West Kashmir ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 12.25pm, Sunny, hot & humid.. like mid-summer???
Isolated T.showers possible for Goa, S, Interior.Karnataka, S. Andhra and along coastal Tamilnadu during next 3 days..
Max. Temp are above normal by 2 to ­3 C over N-E states, Orissa,
Vidarbha, Goa, N. coastal Andhra, S.Karnataka, N. Tamilnadu and S.Kerala