Monday, July 15, 2013

#Chennai - T.showers approaching from West

#Chennai - 8pm, Heavy T.showers approaching city's W-N-W,W,S-W suburbs. Now at around 45km West of city.

-- update at 9pm --
#Chennai - 9pm, Steady rain now over Pallavaram zone

#Chennai - 9:04pm, HEAVY rain over Polichalur zone .

RT @svgan_in: @weatherofindia Now, in Nandanam too. #Chennai (9:09pm)

RT @rangats: @weatherofindia 9PM heavy showers in Anna nagar chennai 

RT @yamiskr6: @weatherofindia heavy rain in ambattur, #Chennai 9:09pm 

RT @girikesavan: @weatherofindia Chennai Mylapore - 9:10 PM - downpour 

RT @traderindian: @weatherofindia Strong surface winds & raining too. Villivakam. Chennai (9:14pm)

RT @sennaimetraas: @weatherofindia pouring cats and dogs at Nanganallur, #Chennai  (9:19pm)

RT @imdan76: @weatherofindia #Chennai - Raining cats and dogs at Kattankulathur. Heavy winds too. (9:16pm)

RT @manikandan23686: @weatherofindia heavy rain & wind in tondiarpet. .. N. Chennai (9:22pm)

Chennai - 6:15pm, "More rain ahead" ? !

#Chennai - 6:15pm, still showers lingering over South from city at around 60 to 100km... along coast (South of Mahabalipuram)

#Chennai - 6:15pm, More rain seen over W-N-W,W,S-W from city at around 100 to 150km.. These showers "may" push into city in next 3/4 hrs.

Monsoon Magic in Goa - stats

For more on weather in Goa, visit ...

Bangalore at 5:20pm - "mini shower"

Bangalore - 5:20pm, it is dark here since 30 minutes.. and now strong wind and rain started.. near JP morgan (BELLANDUR)

Bangalore - 5:30pm, "Rain at Hennur for 10 minutes" ... taken from 

Chennai - 3:50pm, parts of city got  good shower during past 30 min

Chennai - 3:54pm, showers expected to push into S,S-W suburbs during next 45min

Analysis at 2pm... "change of events" - Circulation over N-N-W Bay

"Change of events", Why? - the expected low level circulation persisting over central,E.Madhyapradesh did not materialize, instead the Low level circulation is seen over Chatisgarh.

Today, 2 low level circulations seen, one over Chatisgarh and another over N-N-W.Bay along S.Bengal coast... 

Latest WRF model predicts that a LOW will form along N.Odisha coast and S.Bengal in next 18hrs and persist for 2 days. NO movement predicted

Today, upper level circulation is seen along N-E.Andhra, S.Odisha coast, expected to persist in same zone for 2 days 

Today's N-N-W Bay low level circulation is also expected to persist in same zone during next 2 days ... 

but WRF model suggests that the mid level circulation will push inland into N.Odisha, S.Bengal on tomorrow / 17-Jul 

Satelite IR at 2pm.. Heavy rain over S,central Madhyapradesh

2pm, Heavy rain over S,central.Madhyapradesh, N.Maharastra, S,S-E,E.Rajasthan ... 

2pm, scattered rain seen over S.Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast and over Kerala ...

#Delhi rain on 14-Jul

RT @parshwati: Raining in delhi @weatherofindia  (6:05pm)

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia drizzling and shower for half an hour in south #delhi (6:37pm)

Weather analysis at 00:00hrs of 15-Jul

Another weak LOW is expected along Odisha coast on 15-Jul... and it may not move inland till 19-Jul ... 

Latest analysis show that low level circulation is seen over E,central Madhyapradesh ... 

This circulation is expected to persist almost in same position for another 2 days... 

Today, the upper level circulation is seen along N-E.Andhra coast and its extension can be seen N-W upto E.Maharastra 

Tomorrow, the upper level circulation is expected to be along N-E,central Andhra coast... 

Today, 15-Jul, Heavy rain over most of Madhyapradesh to continue ... 

Today, HEAVY rain is expected to be concentrated over W,N-W,N,central. Maharastra ... 

Today, showers also expected for N-W.Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand, N.Chatisgarh, Odisha.. 

Today, rain also expected for N,N-E,N-W.Tamilnadu, S.Karnataka and S.Andhra .

Rain to continue for Goa,S.Maharastra coast, entire Karnataka coast, N,central Kerala for next 2 days ... 

From 17-Jul, rain rate is expected to scale up along N,N-W.Uttarpradesh, N.Bihar, N.Bengal and N,central N-E states.

From 17-Jul, heavy and widespread rain to push into N.India, especially for N,N-W.Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand, #Delhi into Himachal, Punjab

@samrat_indian > For Gangetic Bengal, a small chance of rain today, and LESS rain forecast during next 3 days.