Friday, January 29, 2016

January 29, 2016 at 05:04PM

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Heavy snow ahead for Kashmir and Himachal

WD's upper-level trough is affecting North #India now ...

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Clouds are gathering over #Delhi - NCR. @weatherofindia (3:16pm)
2:30pm, Heavy snow over Kashmir, N Himachal. Rain over N,NW Punjab due to WD...

Present upper-level WD trough will move East and fizzle in next 24hrs.
A next system will reach N,NW India on 31st ...

HEAVY snow/rain to persist over Kashmir, Himachal during next 24hrs.
For upper-reaches of Uttarakhand ..


Today as well the anti-cyclone is positioned over W-coast India.
Expected to drift into N,NE Andhra on Sunday...
This'll make S peninsula especially Tamilnadu coast windy during day time on Sunday, Monday ...

Today till 2:30pm.
S,S-central Peninsula is Hot and slowly showing it along SE coast as well...
Today #hot till 2:30pm,
Surat 33.6 C
#Mumbai 32.8
#Hyderabad 35.2
Kakinada 32.6
Kurnool 37.4
#Bangalore 31.6
#Chennai 31.8

For Peninsular India, same day & night temperature trend is expected on Saturday as well.
#Chennai - During next 2 days.
Day will be around 32 C
Morning will be around 21 C and may dip to 20 C on Sunday, Monday !

This is the Temperature forecast for India from 1-Feb to 7-Feb.
N,central Peninsula, W India continue to Heat up..
This forecast shows a below normal Day temps for Tamilnadu and Andhra from 1-7 Feb, may be due to expected anti-cyclone over N,NE Andhra... Here's the temp. anomaly chart which shows the below normal temps over Tamilnadu, Andhra, Odisha coast (1-7 Feb)..

January 29, 2016 at 12:50PM

Chennai - a clear hot day, Airport reporting above 31 C, IWM Polichalur 32.3C now 12:48pm. #weather

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