Thursday, July 04, 2013

11pm, Late night weather analysis and forecast for next 2 days

Latest analysis show that the low level circulation is seen over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh ... 

The circulation is expected to vanish along S-E.Rajasthan and N-W,W.Madhyapradesh in next 24hrs.

Due to this, Showers expected to persist along N,N-E.Gujarat and into S,S-E.Rajasthan during next 24hrs... 

During next 2 days, a weak mid level circulation is expected to persist along W,N-W.Gujarat and along Sindh of Pakistan.

Some showers expected over S.Pakistan, W,N-W.Gujarat on 5,6-Jul.

N-W.Bay along Odisha coast is expected to pop a weak mid level circulation in next 24hrs.

On 6-Jul, a circulation is expected over W,N-W.Uttarpradesh and a weak one over N.Chatisgarh and E.Madhyapradesh.. 

From 6-Jul, increased rain activity for Nepal, N,N-W.Uttarpradesh into Uttarakhand, Himachal, Punjab and Haryana.. 

Actual #Monsoon is expected to break into #Delhi on 7/8-Jul . Heavy rain expected on 8-Jul.

S-E,E.Rajasthan, Jaipur can expect heavy rain on 7-Jul.

Heavy rain for N,N-W.Uttarpradesh and into Nepal, Uttarakhand will start from 6-Jul and expected to continue for 3 days !

On 8-Jul, Heavy and widespread rain expected for W.Uttarpradesh, #Delhi, Haryana into Punjab and Himachal.

Meanwhile, rain activity over Odisha is expected to increase from tomorrow.

An upper level circulation is expected to persist along S.Maharastra coast for next 2 days... 

HEAVY and widespread rain for S,central.Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast, #Goa and most Kerala to persist for another 3 days and beyond !

During next 3 days, Heavy rain expected for N.Bengal, Sikkim, North,central N-E states... 

5pm, mini weather update

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia heavy rain is some parts of #udaipur district, Rajasthan (4:57pm)

#Kolkata - 5pm, "its muggy here, no rains"

#Chennai - 5pm, showers seen over Ponneri zone North at 25km from city. And showers continue over S.coast Andhra, N,N-W from city.

4:30pm, Showers continue over central,S,N.Gujarat. Heavy over S.Rajasthan, central Odisha, N.Andhra, S,S-E Haryana.

Update from Belgaum, 2:30pm

Belgaum - 2:30pm, Till afternoon no rain.but now its raining heavily with dark clouds moving from west... 

Showers over S.Andhra, 2:45pm

2:45pm, Low intensity showers seen over S.Andhra coast and N-E.Tamilnadu.

#Chennai -  2:45pm, Rain seen over N,N-W,W,S-W at around 40 to 100km from city.

Today, showers expected for #Chennai, N-E.Tamilnadu and S.Andhra

Today, high Vertical.V expected along N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S.Andhra after 4pm.. more sharp showers expected.. 

#Chennai - Yesterday evening, Nungambakkam recorded 4.5mm of rain, Max. temperature was 37.6 C

#Chennai - Heavy High cloud cover from morning. Now 1:30pm, it's slowly clearing and showing signs of early Sea breeze.

W.D update, 4-Jul

A weak W.D circulation at upper levels is seen near Punjab and N-E.Pakistan.. expected to move E-N-E in another 36hrs 

After this W.D moves away from N.India, the monsoon is expected to make a push into N,N-W India from 6-Jul... 

#HOT on 3-Jul

#HOT, Yesterday, 42.3°C was reported at Jaisalmer (Rajasthan).

#HOT, parts of N-E states, Bengal and W.Rajasthan recorded above normal temperatures yesterday.

Satellite IR at 11:30am

11:30am, Heavy rain seen over S,S-E,E,central.Gujarat, N,N-W.Maharastra... 

11:30am, Showers continue along S.coast Karnataka and N.Kerala ...

Monsoon update from Kerala (Twitter and Instagram)

RT @isurabhi: A village railway station in northen kerala, on a rainy day. #mobilephotography #monsoon #rain #nomad 

RT @kripesh: Rain fury continues in Kannur #Kerala 

RT @choyyan: All educational Institutions r closed today due to excessive rain in #NorthMalabar Kerala.! Really,it was hell in d aftrnoon..! 

RT @maheendran: Monsoon #calicutbeach#kerala #ashilas #rain