Sunday, July 24, 2011

RT @saiwins: On the way to tambaram. Got struck near ashokpillar in the rain. No buses..any lifts?? chennai
Chennai - Low level winds has changed to S-W ... showers may not last long !
RT @grajagrajagraja: @weatherofindia rain in chindatripet 9:45pm
RT @ranganaathan: Good rains in T-Nagar now 9:42pm
RT @Qadberry: @weatherofindia It rained in Ambattur just a few minutes (9:20pm)
RT @TheArvindDhar: @ranganaathan yes sir rained heavyly enroute to bangalore at velloure kanchipuram. Chennai was hott today @weatherofindia
RT @ranganaathan: Even T-Nagar gusty breeze n drizzle RT @weatherofindia: Chennai - Raining in Tambaram zone ??
Chennai - yes, a strong Shower nearing W-S-W, S-W suburbs in another 30 min.. the system is moving fast in East direction with high winds !!
Chennai - Good sea breeze now 8:10pm, a huge shower / t.Storm is over W-S-W of chennai at around 60km from center.


Lonavla lake fills up this monsoon
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RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.36pm, Dark Clouds from North west..slight drizzle a pic, will it rain???


Satelite image 1 pm sunday shows not much cloud near mumbai but its raining quite heavy in lonavla since morning
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Chennai - Today also a 50 percent chance of sharp showers after 5 pm... all depends on Sea breeze !
Chennai - for the past 3 days ... days are cloudy and had some scatterred evening showers. Today is also no different!!
As the monsoon axis shifts north .. heavy showers expected for Himalayan foot hills and Nepal from 27/28-Jul .!
Afternoon showers along Andhra coast and N. Tamilnadu coast will start again from 26-Jul..
@shanpati >> Mumbai - may have light showers today, and very less showers expected till 28-Jul-2011
For next 24 hrs heavy showers will be over Kerala, Karnataka coast .. Arabian sea monsoon will take a break from today till 28-Jul.
The present Madhyapradesh UAC will travel west and die over Gujarat.. meanwhile another circulation expected over N-W Bay on 25/25-Jul
The strong UAC is now over Madhyapradesh .. and its trough extends upto N.extreme Bay ..
11am, Heavy convective activity seen along Kerala coast, and S,S-E Bay ..
Monsoon glory .. PICS