Wednesday, November 21, 2012

By morning "03B" will be just a circulation. Still heavy rain possible for s.coast andhra, Chennai and n.TN

11pm, "03B" has weakened even more in past 6hrs at the same location. Now almost no convective activity seen.

RT @akaasi: Heavy downpour along GST rd Perambalur dist, Tamilnadu @weatherofindia 10:15pm

RT @akaasi: Steady drizzle at thittakkudi kadalur dist, Tamilnadu @weatherofindia 10:05pm

"03B" - Alive and moved S-W.

4:45pm, Satellite IR with IR temperature shows good convective activity around the core of the system.
Moved S-W during the past 12hrs.
Moving slowly to as it is expected with a LOW system.
Pressure is still around 1004mb.
Winds upto 45km/hr.
Landfall of the system is expected near Chennai in another 18 to 24hrs. 
Heavy Rains with Winds gusts expected along S.Andhra coast, Chennai and N.Tamilnadu coast within next 12hrs.
Here's the latest position plot on map as of 5:30pm

At 6pm, Some convective activity can be seen popping along N-N-W, N-E and East of Chennai.

"03B" - Nearing S.Andhra coast, Chennai.. Rain expected from late evening.

2:30pm, "03B" - Nearing S.Andhra coast, Chennai. 
It still maintains a circulation with good convective activity over N,N-E quadrant.
Convective activity over W,S,S-E quadrant are calm at this time.. expected to erupt again towards night today.
From tonight, Heavy Showers with winds upto 40 / 50km/hr expected along S,central.Andhra coast, Chennai and N.Tamilnadu coast... Some showers are already seen along Central Andhra coast.

#chennai - 1:56pm, Temp. at 30.4°C with good Low cloud formation. Windy at times from N-N-W. Winds are reaching upto 25km/hr.
W.D is in effect over Kashmir, Rain/Snow seen over upper reaches of Kashmir. Cloudy over Punjab, Himachal & Uttarakand. 

Present W.D over Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal will be active till Saturday .. more rain/snow expected in these zones .. 
In next 24hrs a strong Anti-cyclone is expected to establish over W-central Maharastra and persist till 27-Nov..

The anti-cyclone over Jharkand & Bengal to drift S-W and vanish in next 36hrs ... 
Showers expected to reach S.Andhra coast & #Chennai by today evening / night.. COLA model expects Heavy rain for S.coast Andhra

Showers for S.Tamilnadu & S.Kerala to continue for next 3 days.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.25am, After a gap,Cloud formations yestday eve / night, with slight drizzle. Today, its clear sky, hot & humid. 

"03B" - Drifted W-S-W, Strong convective activity seen.

"03B" - Drifted W-S-W, Strong convective activity seen.
Position plot on map as of 5:30am IST.
Pressure is at around 1004mb so it's a LOW pressure system.

8:30am, Satellite shot shows.. Deep convective activity from 17th parallel in North to south upto 11th parallel, this shows the elongation of the circulation.

NOGAPS and COLA model predicts that "03B" will make landfall along Chennai by early hrs of 22-Nov.

Rain expected to start along S.Andhra coast, Chennai and N.Tamilnadu coast by today evening.
Isolated Very Heavy rainfall can also be expected along these zones tomorrow.
Wind gusts also predicted upto 40 or 50km/hr along these zones.

3am, "03B" is getting closer to s.Andhra coast. Strong convective activity seen now!..