Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thunder Clouds


Predicting Weather Based On Cloud Patterns

Puffy white clouds sailing across a blue sky indicate continuing fair weather. But if they mass together to form tall, anvil-shaped clouds, be prepared for a lightning-filled thunderstorm, even if the sun in shining brightly.

Striped frosty clouds high in the sky indicate the probability of light rain; dark, layered clouds overhead mean steady rain or snow. If you are ever lost at sea, look for the patches of stationary woolly clouds that usually form a little to the windward side of an island.

If your ever out on a clear night and the moon is shining, one way to know that bad weather is coming is to see a ring around the moon, rain or snow depending on the time of year will usually come within 3 days

Heat is slowly picking up!

In Chennai the heat is slowly picking up, for the past 5 days it was around 33°C.
The humidity is also high, so it's sultry day and mild nights.

Still the wind direction is from South-East and this is favorable for an electric shower.
The southern tamilnadu is experiencing some electric showers then and there.
Still we can see the south BAY is active with upper cyclonic circulation and the Sea temperature is also a bit high.