Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today - Belgaum, Davangere

Belgaum - "a Rainy day" ... some photos ... 

Davangere - 6:39pm, "good amount of showers happening....monsoon picking up..raining now also"

5:30pm, Karnataka coast getting a super battering ALL thru the day ....
5:30pm, HEAVY rain over N,S Madhyapradesh, E Rajasthan, most of S,central Bengal, S Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 5.30pm, T. Clouds crossed from SW with mild showers.. sky 

#Chennai - 3:55pm, scattered mini showers seen over N-W from city at around 60 to 80km.
Yes, Scattered light / moderate rain possible.

~~ update at 5:37pm ~~
#Chennai - 5:30pm, light rain or drizzles seen sweeping into city's N,N-W suburbs.

One or two moderate rain possible for N,N-W,W suburbs !

More heavy rain for Goa, Karnataka coast, S Maharastra coast

During next 2 days, the west coast offshore trough is expected to drop from S Gujarat coast to central Kerala coast. 

Moderate/heavy widespread rain expected ALL along coast from N Maharastra coast to S Kerala ... 
Tomorrow, there's a good chance of showers pushing into W,W-central Maharastra crossing W-ghats..

@shanpati >> #Mumbai - Moderate widespread showers forecast during next 2 days, starting from early hrs of 19-Jun.
On 19,20-Jun, an upper-level circulation is expected along S,central Maharastra coast ... 
Due to this circulation, most of the HEAVY showers will be concentrated South of Mumbai, Goa, Karnataka coast .. 

Naraikadu estate (S Tamilnadu) - Dry winds from N-W for past 1 week.
Yesterday it rained after a long time, 27mm.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 2.15pm, Dark clouds from SW, slight drizzle experienced in the AN, Heavy & Gusty wind at times, looks it may rain. 

#Chennai - 2:20pm, Bright and sunny now.
Temp around 36 C (feels like 40 C).
Scattered rain expected after 4pm today !
Belgaum - 10:37am, "continuous moderate rain now in belgaum from 9.30 am"
1:24pm, "heavy rain now in belgaum"

12:30pm, Massive showers seen along entire Karnataka coast to N Kerala ... 
12:30pm, T showers seen over S Bengal and over S Bihar ...

Nagercoil - 1pm, "Less rain this #Monsoon so far".
Today as well cloudy ... 

N Bay circulation pushing inland and Monsoon for East India !

Today, the North Bay circulation is slowly pushing inland thru S Bengal coast ... 
This Bay circulation is expected push N-N-W and will be short-lived. It'll merge with the Heat LOW in 36hrs... 

Upper-level circulation related to this is seen titled South and now over N Bay ... 
N Bay upper-level circulation is expected to push into N-E Odisha coast and expected to linger along for next 36hrs 

This N Bay circulation can drive in Monsoon into East India, #Kolkata in next 24hrs.
Latest N.limit of Monsoon ... 

Rainfall alert for East, E-central, N-E India during next 36hrs ::

During next 36hrs, Heavy and widespread rain expected over S,central bengal, S Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chatisgarh 
By midnight today, Heavy rain expected along E,S-E Madhyapradesh, N,central Chatisgarh and into E,N-E Maharastra 
Scattered T showers also expected over E,S-E,central Uttarpradesh tonight !
More widespread heavy/moderate rain will sweep across most of Bengal, Bangladesh and over most zones of N-E states during next 42 hrs..!

Weather Instagram at June 18, 2014 at 12:23PM

#chennai - 12:15pm, hot, humid, windy from west and 80% cloudy. #weather

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