Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monsoon Watch - 3.. 2015 ....Part 1....30th April 2014.

Arrival of South West Monsoon:

Full Analysis on Vagaries.

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Nepal earthquake. #weather

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1:45pm, Fresh mild snow over hills near srinagar. #weather

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29-Apr-2015, #HOT India...
Barmer = 44.5 C
Rajkot = 44.3 C
Nagpur = 43.9 C
Ahmedabad = 43 C
Kurnool = 42.5 C

Today as well, the low-level circulation over Bihar persists and its trough seen upto S,S-central Karnataka .. 
The N-S trough's southern end can be seen upto N Lakshadweep !
Meanwhile, the WD low-level circulation will drift E-S-E into W,central Uttarpradesh in next 48hrs... 

A weak low-level circulation is expected over Comorin sea, S-tip Tamilnadu and Gulf Mannar during next 2/3 days ... 

During next 36hrs...
Heavy T showers to persist along W-ghats,S Kerala, S-W w-ghats,S,S-central Karnataka, W-ghats, S Tamilnadu.
In 36hrs...
More Nor'westers for S,central, N Bengal, E Bihar and into Sikkim, many zones of N-E states of India.

Today a weak upper-level WD trough seen over N,central Pakistan and drifting east ... 
Lower-level circulation of the WD is now seen over central,N-central Pakistan and expected to drift E-S-E... 

In next 24hrs, due to WD...
Scattered moderate rain for Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana ... 
Before evening of 1-May, some showers may push into #Delhi and W Uttarpradesh as well !

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Satellite IR at around 9pm, heavy T showers over S Andhra and S,SW Karnataka. #weather

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