Friday, July 13, 2012

Chennai - heavy rain now 8:31pm. Polichalur zone

#chennai - sharp shower just started over Polichalur zone (8:22pm).. a super T.shower is approaching S,S-W Suburbs of city.
#chennai - a T.shower is seen over S-W suburbs of city and moving East. (8:17pm)

A super T.shower is sweeping parts of Vandavasi & madhuranthagam zone.. and it's travelling East towards sea. 80km South of #chennai
RT @aknarendranath:  Raining in Delhi. Hope it continues like this through the weekend and beyond. 5:52pm

RT @prajjvalitah: @weatherofindia its raining in bangalore...rained for 5 min...all thick stopped 6:11pm

RT @shanbhagsheetal: yaaaaye finally its #raining in #Bangalore BG Road..:-). @weatherofindia  (6:29pm)

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 4.10pm, Dark thunder clouds from SW.... and it's  drizzling.. heading for a heavy rain.. a pic

NO UAC seen over India.. just an UAC over S-central Bay ...

Monsoon winds is seen pushing into S.Pakistan from Arabian sea and will get strong in next 2 days ...

From today, heavy rains forecast for ALL himalayan foot hills and North N-E states ..

E.Uttarpradesh & W.Bihar zone is expected to pop a medium level circulation on 16-Jul ..

Entire E.India & S-E coast to get widespread rains for next 2 days ...

Showers along entire S-W coast to remain subdued till 16-Jul.

Almost NO rain forecast for entire N-W India, West India from 14-Jul till 18-Jul and beyond ..

Entire Himalayan foot hills, Nepal, Sikkim and North N-E states to get HEAVY and widespread rains till 17-Jul.. 
@akwaghmare >> Today till 16-Jul, scattered heavy showers forecast for E,N-E & central Maharastra .. but almost Nothing for W,N-W Maharastra

@akwaghmare >> W,N-W Maharastra meaning the eastern side of Western ghats.
#chennai - having a Clear & Hot day so far 2:52pm, records 36.0°C at 2:10pm. Now a good sea breeze from East has set in at low levels.

Yesterday night again a T.shower came close to #chennai approaching from W,S-W... but fizzled out around 50km S-W from city.

Today from 3pm the Vertical.V  will be high over S,N.Karnataka and N.Tamilnadu ... T.showers possible ..

2:57pm, Already we have T.cells over N.Tamilnadu, around 150km West & S-W from #chennai

After 6pm, Vertical.V will be HIGH along coastal Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and #chennai ... T.showers possible again ... 

Axis of monsoon trough is shifting close to foothills of Himalayas this'll
lead to active monsoon over foothills of Himalayas & N-E States.

Monsoon Axis is shifting towards Himalayan Foothills ...
RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia raining heavily in Bangalore (10:35pm, 12-Jul)

RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia rains were too much last night @bangalore indiranagar