Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mild showers or drizzle possible along Chennai and S.Andhra coast before morning.

Showers expected to reach Central, N-E Andhra coast around morning ! due to LOW "03B"
#chennai - temp. now is 28 deg C. A partly cloudy night ahead ... min. temp. may reach 23 deg C at around morning.

"03B" - Still a LOW pressure system with good convective activity.

"03B" - Still a LOW pressure system with good convective activity.
It has crawled W-S-W slowly in past 12 hrs.
6pm, latest satellite IR shows good convective activity along South, E, S-E of the system.

Latest analysis show that a moderate Easterlies is pushing into E,S-E Bay.. and this may feed the LOW "03B". Good convective activity expected over "03B" during next 24hrs.

NOGAPS latest model continue to suggest a LOW system making landfall along Chennai, N.Tamilnadu coast & S.Andhra coast on Evening of 22-Nov.

RT @qinnairen: Its 19°C here. But, chill winds. Amazing. #DelhiNCR @weatherofindia. (6:30pm)
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S-E corner Bay is expected to pop another circulation on 26/27-Nov.

Today a weak easterlies is seen pushing into S-E Bay.. this may give rise to GOOD rain for N.Tamilnadu coast, #chennai along with "03B".
A moderate W.D will reach W.Kashmir by tonight .. Rain / Snow expected from early morning and expected to last another 3 / 4 days.

Due to this upcoming W.D.. rain expected over N.Punjab and into Himachal during next 3 days.
@sarakumar1 >> #chennai can expect showers from noon tomorrow.
4:30pm, Isolated shower seen over S.tip of Tamilnadu ... http://ow.ly/i/19dua

"03B" - at 3pm.. strong convective activity seen. Now the pressure is around 1003mb.. ow.ly/i/19dwU
Summer of 2013 to be hotter, with less rain.. http://ow.ly/fqBsd 
Today a weak Anti-cyclone is seen over Jharkand, Bihar.. this is expected to strengthen and drift South in next 24hrs. http://ow.ly/i/19bLV

If this anti-cyclone drifts South then it'll speed up the W-S-W movement for Bay "03B" during next 24hrs.. http://ow.ly/i/19bMl 
While "03B" moves close to land on 21-Nov .. most of showers are expected over S.Andhra coast and spillover for #chennai, some parts of N.TN
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.30am, Clear skies, sunny, and foggy in the morning. Shivering cold in the night.

Chennai - had a warm morning today, Nungambakkam records 23.2 deg C.. due to some moisture push from bay "03B".

#chennai - 1pm is having a temp. of 32 deg C. Wind at upper levels have picked up strength and its from North.
NOGAPS & COLA model suggests that "03B" will make landfall along S.Andhra coast, Chennai on 21-Nov as a LOW pressure system

"03B" - Now a LOW pressure system and alive.

"03B" - Now a LOW pressure system now and have generated fresh convective activity along its E,S-E,N-E quadrant.
It has crawled slightly towards W-S-W in past 18hrs.
11:30am, Latest satellite shot reveals fresh convective activity and it still maintains a circulation.
Latest location plot on Map.
IMD warning at 11am IST

The well marked low pressure area over westcentral Bay of Bengal persists over the same region at 0830
hrs IST of today the 20
 November 2012. The system would move west-southwestwards towards south Andhra 
Pradesh and north Tamil Nadu coasts and weaken further during next 48 hours. 

Under the influence of this system, moderate rainfall would occur at many places with isolated heavy falls 
over south coastal Andhra Pradesh, north coastal Tamilnadu and Puducherry on 21
 and over south coastal Andhra 
Pradesh, Rayalaseema, Puducherry and north Tamil Nadu on 22

Both NOGAPS & COLA model suggests that "03B" will make landfall along S.Andhra coast, Chennai and N.Tamilnadu coast during evening of 21-Nov as a LOW pressure system.