Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unusual Path ...

Here is an illustration of the unusual path traced by the unusual LOW pressure system.

Super March

Most part of March so far was Rainy... rainy!
This phenomenon is quiet unusal.
Let's see what happnd so far? and what's coming up?
Chennai has crossed the Normal rainfall average by a huge amount.
Yesterday Rain - 2.6 mm
24 Hour Rain - 2.6mm
Monthly Rain - 133.8mm (Mar. normal - 3 mm)
Yesterday (24-Mar-08) morning around 10 AM, all of a sudden it rained with lightning and it continued till 1 pm. In some parts of chennai rain was heavy and in others it was slight drizzles only. Most of the heavy rain was around south Chennai.
Today morning and now it's clear with some passing clouds.
Take a look at the past 5 days wind direction...

Yesterday's satellite pic

Today's satellite pic

This shows a huge mass of cloud formation over the south bay of bengal. The present activity and favorable conditions might make that mass of clouds to become a low pressure system in coming days.
Overall..We are at the end of winter and now starts the dreaded chennai summer.