Saturday, December 27, 2014

95B - S-W Bay Low - What next ??

At present, a low,mid-level circulation is seen over a Sea level LOW pressure system over S-W Bay near to East Srilanka coast.

Present pressure is around 1004mb
And location is 7.5N , 83.3E.

GFS model doesn't expect the system to deepen to Depression (or) move North or N-W before Monday morning. And after that, it'll deepen to a Depression or Well marked LOW and drift into central Tamilnadu coast on 30-Dec.

NAVGEM model almost similar to GFS, expects the system to become Well Marked LOW on Monday and drift into central Tamilnadu coast on 30-Dec.

On Tuesday, 30-Dec... an upper-level W.D trough is expected to drop upto 21N along S Pakistan, W,N-W Gujarat. This is expected to drift East into India in subsequent days, this can make the S-W Bay system to drift North initially and then N-E along S-E coast of India into N Bay.

According to GFS, Showers will reach central,N Tamilnadu coast and even Chennai after morning or noon of Sunday, 28-Dec.
On Monday, HEAVY rain expected along central,S-E,N Tamilnadu coast and moderate rain into Chennai.

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Mahabalipuram - 3:38pm, slightly foggy, mild, breezy and cloudy. #weather

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RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 3.45pm, After a hot and breezy day, now the sky appears partially cloudy with high broken clouds...

Important update regarding SW bay low and circulation 95B, and its impact for Tamilnadu... Coming up at around 9:30pm !

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Chennai - 1pm, slight foggy, cloudy. Breezy and temp at 28 C. #weather

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