Saturday, April 14, 2012

RT @agotoguy: Lightning with chances of moderate rainfall. A relief from the high humidity these past few days.Pathanamthita,Kerala (7:43pm)
Latest sat. shot shows lots of convective activity over S,S-W Bay, Srilanka and area South of Kanyakumari..
RT @scribblerer: Cool breeze, clouds,... It's gonna rain.... kochi kerala (6:02pm)

Indonesian Earthquake advance predicted by Piers Corbyn,

Dr Piers Richard Corbyn is an astrophysicist and founder of the business Weather Action which makes weather forecasts up to a year in advance, and on which he also bets, and wins 80% of the times.

Corbyn's predictions are based on what is called "The Solar Weather Technique." The technique combines statistical analysis of over a century of historical weather patterns with clues derived from solar observations.  He considers past weather patterns and solar observations and sun-earth magnetic connectivity.

Conventional meteorology claims that such influences cause minimal impact on the Earth's atmosphere. Corbyn is also sceptical of the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming. In fact, he is one of the leading climate sceptic scientists in the world.

Piers Corbyn asserts that earthquakes can be triggered by solar activity, and hence that he can to some extent predict them. So he started a trial forecast and here’s one published in March for April this year:

chennai - from today till 17-Apr.. humidity will be on higher side and there's a chance of light rain or drizzle ..
RT @ahmedshabbir20: Butter milk for Chennai city traffic police :P beattheheat
chennai - next 2 days will be mild heat and then pick up heat after Tuesday.. may reach 39 deg C on 17,18-Apr..
Some heavy T.showers possible for S.Kerala and S. tip Tamilnadu from today till 17-Apr..
Meanwhile T.showers over entire N-E states, Central,S.Kerala and S. tip Tamilnadu to continue till 20-Apr..
Next W.D will reach N-W India around evening of 18-Apr.. more scattered T.showers possible for N,N-W India Kal Baishaki.
More T.showers possible for Rajasthan, N-W,N MP, Uttarpradesh, Haryana and Delhi till Sunday and more to come after 18-Apr.
On 13-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 42.4° C was recorded at Rentachintala (coastal Andhra Pradesh)
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia It drizzled near airport I.e Dwarka, Palam areas around 12.45 pm. Delhi
NASA scientists revolt against Global Warming Propaganda ...
Rainfall map till 8:30am, 14-Apr... lots of showers over N,N-W India...
Heat to pick-up again over S-E, E-central India from Tuesday.
Moisture push from Bay into S,Central Tamilnadu and Kerala will continue till Monday.. so afternoon T.showers expected.
chennai - some moisture is being pushed into city from Bay .. that's why city is having low cloud formation even now 3:07pm
As the moisture push is happening into S,Central.Tamilnadu ... T.showers has broken out over that zone...
Today analysis show a strong moisture presence over S,S-W Bay.. and it's being pushed into S.Tamilnadu..
chennai - now 2:44pm is having sea breeze from E-S-E, Sky is having a Deep blue tint.. signs of NEW weather front moving in.
RT @saifarash: @weatherofindia Hot, Humid and Sunny here in Kozhikode 30°C FL36°C Kerala A view from my house 12pm
Delhi - airport is reporting light drizzle and thunder storm possible !
chennai - temp. now is 34.0°C and feels like 40.6°C.
rajugana: Baroda 9.20pm, Clouds developed in the evening, now cool breeze with slight drizzle. Something surprising, welcome relief !
RT @SaifArash: @weatherofindia So Hot and humid here in E Malappuram Kozhikode 33°C Feels Like 41°C Kerala