Sunday, October 02, 2011

chennai - 8:35pm, sharp showers continue over S. chennai ... No threat for match as yet CLT20
chennai - started raining in Pammal, Polichalur zone now 8:26pm... NO rain threat yet for Cricket match CLT20
Latest MJO model suggests DRY phase over Entire Bay till 22-Oct... This may delay the N-E Monsoon.
S-E corner Bay may throw a LOW around 12-Oct... LONG term forecast.
chennai - 7:48pm, strong T.shower system is travelling S-S-E now along S-W suburbs of City. As of now NO threat to Chennai match CLT20
Upper level winds over entire N.India has become Westerly .. indicative of Monsoon has withdrawn ..
Heavy rain forecast for S. Andhra, N.coastal Tamilnadu from 4-Oct to 6-Oct due to upcoming circulation along coast ...
On 4-Oct, Bay near S. Andhra coast will host a low level circulation.. which may last 7-Oct..
Showers for West Maharastra, N, central, S. Karnataka and central, N. Tamilnadu will continue for next 3 days ..
chennai - 7:15pm, Heavy rains nearing Poonamalle & Sriperampudur zones... T.showers are moving S-E now. Rain may not affect Cricket CLT20
chennai - Heavy T.shower near Tiruvallur over W-N-W of City... 6:30pm, and it's moving East slowly... May reach City in next 30 min CLT20