Thursday, January 08, 2009

After a January month wet night...

All Time record for this month
High: 34.4 C (25.1.2006)
Low: 13.9 C (29.1.1905)
Daily Rain: 212,9 mm (15.1.1915)
Total Rain: 244.1 mm (1915)

We received rainfall from yesterday Afternoon, initially it was a mild drizzle then it became showery and steady.
Mild showers thru the night.
Past 24 hr rain: 17 mm
Now (8:39AM) it's partly cloudy with rain cloud formations moving into city from east-north-east. It's bit warm now, signs of high humidity.
Last year also we had some showers around 10-Jan-08.

Latest satellite image shows...NOTHING.. for us.
Yesterday's cloud formation over us is melting away..
And we can see some activity near WEST of srilanka. And this will move west and cross Tamilnadu's Southern tip.

Here's the RAIN forecast from BBC for SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

Latest GFS shows..
A high pressure will be over us from 10-Jan to another 5 days.
This will give a good winter weather.
Latest MJO forecast shows...

SEVERE DRY phase for us till 22-Jan-09.
After that we move into a SEVERE WET phase.
We might experience a WET early february this year, if that happens then it'll be a UNUSUAL year to start.