Saturday, April 24, 2010

8Pm, Lots of shower along Karnataka & Tamilnadu Border.
RT @Rakhesh: Kerala Thrissur Pooram 2010 Photos
RT @madhuchandrans: Rained in the afternoon. Nice to see rain in kerala after a long time. Felt really good :)
6pm, Where is Srilanka ???
6pm, Thunder activity over N-W, S-E Karnataka, Assam, S-W extreme A.P, Nigiris, S. Tamilnadu, S. Kerala..
6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Indonesia‎ .. .
Tropical Cyclone Sean ...

Tropical Cyclone Sean

Over the southern Indian Ocean, northwest of Australia and south of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Tropical Cyclone Sean spanned hundreds of kilometers in late April 2010. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image on April 23, 2010. The storm has a comma shape consistent with cyclones, but lacks a discernible eye.
On April 23, 2010, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Tropical Cyclone Sean had maximum sustained winds of 45 knots (85 kilometers per hour) and gusts up to 55 knots (100 kilometers per hour). The storm was located roughly 475 nautical miles (880 kilometers) north of Learmonth, Australia. The JTWC reported that Sean had traveled toward the southwest and would continue on that route before turning westward. The storm was excpected to intensify over the next 12 to 24 hours, but also to weaken over the next few days.
IMD will update the "Monsoon" forecast in June as a part of the second stage forecast ..
4pm, Showers continue over South extreme Kerala, W. Ghats and over South Tamilnadu. More showers over S-W Bengal..

Met Dept confirms normal monsoon

The South-West monsoon this year is likely to be normal, according to India Meteorological Department (IMD).

In its long-range forecast bulletin issued on Friday, the IMD said that, quantitatively, rainfall during the June to September season would be 98 per cent of the long period average with a model error of plus or minus five per cent.

The long period average rainfall for the period 1941-1990 is 89 cm.


The IMD will update the forecast in June as a part of the second stage forecast. Separate forecasts for the monthly (July and August) rainfall over the country as a whole and seasonal (June-September) rainfall over the four geographical regions of India will also be issued.

The basic premise for the normal monsoon outlook seems to be the sustained weakening of El Nino conditions in the equatorial east and central Pacific.

During an El Nino, the equatorial Pacific waters to the east close to the South American shores warm up, causing cloudiness and precipitation to concentrate in that part of the world.

This brings sinking air motion and dryness to the west, affecting monsoon flows into India as well. A strong El Nino was in view during last year, causing the monsoon to end up with a 23 per cent deficit, the worst in three decades.


El Nino that remained weak during mid-June to October of 2009 started strengthening from late October and peaked in the third week of December, the IMD said.

From late December, the El Nino conditions have started weakening. Latest forecasts from a majority of weather indicate high probability for these conditions to maintain till early part of the monsoon season and then weaken to become near neutral during the subsequent months.

But a few models indicate development of weak La Nina conditions by July-August. As the lead time of the forecast increases there is considerable spread and uncertainty in these forecasts, the IMD said. ... Signs of Thunder cells also over W.Bengal and orissa at 3pm
3pm, Very heavy showers over Srilanka, south Kerala and thunder cells popping out over central A.P, N-W Karnataka..
Tracking the Asian Monsoon ...
Chennai - central chennai again touched a moderate 35.0°C (2:08pm)
On 23-Apr, Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 deg C in South India
On 23-Apr, Rain in Kanyakumari district, Boothapandi (Kanyakumarai dt) and Lakkavalli (Chikmagalur dt) 4 each and Pechiparai 3cm
Maximum temperatures may increase by 20C over northwest and adjoining central India during next 48 hours
Moisture incursion is taking place into West Bengal and northeastern states due to strong southerly/southwesterly winds in lower levels.
Orissa again, On 23-Apr, Highest temperature of 46.0 was recorded at Sambalpur (Orissa).
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over S-E Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, north Chhattisgarh, north Orissa, West Bengal and west Vidarbha.
Rain on 23-Apr, Cooch Behar-9, Dhubri-8, Adiramapattinam-5, Sirali-4 and Dibrugarh, North Lakhimpur, Mahabaleshwar, Kozhikode & Alappuzha-3.
On 23-Apr, Cherrapunji recorded 11 CM of rain.
2:30pm, Its raining over N-W Kanyakumari district. This is the 3rd day of afternoon showers there.
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2pm, Heavy showers over South extreme Kerala and Tamilnadu.
RT @dineshrs: finally its Raining in Trivandrum and its Heavily.....Summer Rain :-)
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Heavy Thunderstorm with hail in Mahableshwar. Night foggy and cool at 15c yesterday
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Warmest night this season in Mumbai..29c..Morning with patchy high clouds & still.