Monday, July 22, 2013

Rare weather update from Sullia, Karnataka

Sullia - "sunshine & rain intermittent at Sullia, Karnataka PIN 574239. But if rains it feels like cloudburst.."

Sullia, Karnataka, Where is it ?? >>

#Chennai - "sharp showers" , Round "2"

#Chennai - One sharp shower crossed city at around 7pm.

RT @amruthaupendran: Pretty darn accurate. 7PM n stuck in rain. ... (7:01pm) ... 

#Chennai - 8:15pm, W, N-W suburbs are getting ready for a sharp shower in next 10 min.

#Kolkata - 6:15pm

#Kolkata - 6:15pm, 4 HEAVY RAIN, in between gusty winds. Bright sunshine after a downpour at 5:30pm, now "one of the crystal clear sunset"

Belgaum - Today, 5pm

Belgaum - 5pm, Its non stop raining over Belgaum and today intensity of rain is increased... 

Belgaum - "Yesterday Belgaum recorded 22mm rain which push up 478mm from june 1st." .. from our Facebook >> 

#Chennai - update at 5:36pm

#Chennai - 5:35pm, after a gloomy day with mild weather... now get ready for some sharp showers  before 7pm.

#Chennai - 5:30pm, lots of medium intensity showers seen over W,N-W,S-W at around 100 to 200km from city.

Bangalore - update

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 4.55pm, Partly cloudy skies with dense passing clouds..Drizzled in the AN. sky pic @ 1.30pm 

Rain and Traffic in #Delhi - Today (photo story)

When rain was starting in #delhi @weatherofindia 

Few spells of shower in #Delhi and Traffic Jam @weatherofindia 

Few spell of rain and Traffic in #Delhi 

Few spell of rain occurred in #Delhi (10am to 11.30 am) 

Photos shared by our Twitter follower @GanpatTeli1 for @weatherofindia 

Satellite IR at 2pm... N-N-W Bay LOW

2pm, Heavy rain over central,W.Uttarpradesh, E,N-E.Rajasthan, N,central,N-E.Madhyapradesh .. 

Today, the N-N-W Bay LOW along Odisha coast has become well marked, pressure around 994mb... 

.. and another LOW seen along N,N-E.Madhyapradesh and central,W.Uttarpradesh ...

2pm, Due to N-N-W Bay LOW.. heavy rain seen over Odisha, N,N-E.Andhra ...

2pm, Heavy rain continue over entire Karnataka coast, and over most places in central,S. Kerala.

RT @professorblog: Several trains to Kerala from north India diverted due to incessant rain 
As on Sunday 21st Night, BB-6 prevails over the same region, off the Orissa Coast. An associated UAC has formed over Northern Chattisgarh, tilting the Low towards SW.
The west coast off shore trough will strengthen from South Gujarat to Goa by Monday Night, with a vortex off the S.Gujarat coast.
Next 2 days, East coast trough slackens a bit.

Some Cities due for Action next 2 days: Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July:

Hyderabad: Heavy rainfall with downpours on Monday.. Rain amounts on Monday around 30 mms. Decreasing from Tuesday to 20 mms. So rainy weather Monday and Tuesday.

Mumbai City: 4/5 Showers on Monday. Rainfall increasing from Monday night. Rainfall on Monday  around 30 mms increasing to 75 mms on Tuesday. Mumbai sees rainy conditions on Tuesday morning.

Pune: Puneites, see a wettish beginning to the week. Cloudiness increasing on Monday and Tuesday in the evenings. Sharp heavy showers in many parts. Rainfall 20-25 mms/day. More rains on Tuesday.

Nagpur: Cloudy and thunder showers late afternoon/night on Monday and Tuesday. Rain amounts will be around 20-25 mms/day. Monday may be a bit less around 10 mms.

Delhi NCR: Cloudy, with remote chance of rains in some parts. Rainfall to increase from 25th July.

Surat: Monday overcast with frequent showers, with thunder. Rainfall on Monday round 60 mms. Tuesday rainfall increasing to 70-80 mms. Rainy days for Surat and Bharuchon Monday and Tuesday.

Chennai: Would not expect any meaningful rains next 2 days. Rise in day temperatures, with sunny weather.

Goa: Monday /Tuesday get intermittent showers, a few of them heavy. Rain amounts will be 45-50 mms/day. Slight increase in rain frequency on Monday night.

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