Wednesday, April 18, 2012

light to moderate rain in Karnataka

This satellite imegary shows widspread rainfall in many parts of Karnataka today. [18.4.2012/15Z]
RT @rajugana: Baroda 7.35pm, A Hot and humid day..Slight development of clouds in the eve.. .. a pic of sunset
RT @thehuzaifa: India’s weather officials predict normal monsoons this year
RT @subhash_pareek: Overcast sky,cool breeze,day temperature low at 22 degrees in Titabar,Jorhat district,Assam..Rain expected during night
RT @rahulpilot: watch live weather in Mangalore as it rains now with audio to hear thunder! WoW
kolkata - Metar report suggests Rain with thunder ... someone pls confirm!
RT @bheemaupadhyaya: @weatherofindia My brother informs me that its raining in Uppinangady, Karnataka. (5:25pm)
Hyderabad airport is reporting a Thunderstorm at 4:10pm metar report.
RT @nehavbisht: Love Hyderabad weather.. its sunny in the morning but by 2pm its all cloudy (like it wud rain)!!
COLA model is predicting a Cyclone / Depression / strong Low over S.central Bay to pop on Sunday !!!
Scattered showers for N-E states to continue till 24-Apr and beyond !
Some T.showers are expected to break over Gujarat, W,N-W.Maharastra from tomorrow till 22-Apr..
Strong T.showers for Kerala , S,central.Karnataka to continue till 24-Apr and beyond..
A fresh W.D will reach W.Kashmir on evening of 19-Apr.. and expected to last till 24/25-Apr..
RT @jadab777: Very Very hot sweety weather here in Bhubaneshwar India. (3:59pm)
COLA model suggests, By 22-Apr, S.Bay circulation is expected to become strong and move North into Bay..
Tomorrow, the area just south of Kanyakumari will pop a circulation and expected to persist for 2 days..
Today, both N.Arabian sea & N.Bay anti-cyclones are strong and S.Bay, Rajasthan is having a circulation..
chennai - good sea breeze has set in from E-S-E... temp. at 3:10pm was 34.0°C and feels like 40.6°C
A fresh western disturbance would affect western Himalayan from tomorrow onwards.
2:30pm, T.showers over N-E.Andhra, S.coastal Orissa, Central.Karnataka, Central.W.Ghat of Kerala and N.Tamilnadu..
RT @saifarash: Partly cloudy skies with isolated showers are expected in N Kerala Temp-32°C-pic frm Areekode town 2pm
RT @knowtheplace: Madurai is bloody hot today. According to it's 104 now but feels like 112.
chennai - temp. at 11:40am was 36.0°C .. and feels like 40.8°C
On 17-Apr, Highest maximum temperature of 43.4° C was recorded at Tirupathi (Andhra Pradesh) very near to chennai !!
Portrait of a Rainy Day in Bangalore >>
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.20am, Clear skies, sunny and windy. Yestday temp 39C, dry n humid. a pic -