Sunday, March 23, 2014

Posted Sunday 23rd, Night:

M-3, now as an Upper Air Trough over the North Pakistan/Kashmir region, is supported by an induced Low over the North Rajasthan region. 
M-3, would move East, and the induced Low would withdraw its support after Monday Night, reducing the rains in the plains to almost "nil" by Tuesday. 

Even as M-33 moves Eastwards, heavy rains expected on Monday 24th in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir, HP. 
Islamabad, though not getting much rain on Sunday, will get showers on Monday 24th. As around 20 mms fall, the day will be cooler at around 19c on Monday. Rains reduce on Tuesday.
Karachi will be partly cloudy. Would expect overcast conditions from Wednesday 26th, and possibly light rains in some parts on Wednesday/Thursday.

Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi NSR get showers on Monday.
Delhi NCR can get a sharp Thunder Shower on Monday evening. Parts of Delhi could receive around 5 mms on Monday evening/night.
Still, days will not exceed 31c till Wednesday 26th, and rise a couple of degrees on Thursday 27th, maybe around 33c.

Mumbai, usual. Sunny and Clear. The NW winds will maintain the day temperatures to around 33/34c. Not expected to heat up much temperature wise, as the humidity will increase next few days.
Pune: Not so encouraging news, as we can "safely" expect the mercury to touch 38/39c by Thursday. Consolation factor: Nights will remain pleasant to around 18/19c in the beginning of the week.

Light isolated rain likely in parts of Marathwada (Maharashtra) on Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th.

As the system around Bengal weaken, little chance of a thunder shower popping up around Kolkata vicinity on Monday. Tuesday onwards weather remains dry. Day temperatures shooting up suddenly from Wednesday, possibly to 38c.

Bangalore: Not common to this city, the days will be sunny and hot, at around 36c next 4 days. However, nights will remain clear and around 21c.
Temperatures are expected to cross 40c in parts of Interior Andhra Pradesh. Parts of Northern Tamil Nadu will also see temperatures around 38-40c.
Hyderabad (India): Would expect light clouds. Days would be hot around 37/38c.

From Vagaries
Today dated 23 March is celebrated as WMO Day every year.. And Year 2014 has a theme of “Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth”..