Monday, November 19, 2007

Rainy day ahead?

Yesterday night it was raining, Today morning we had light showers and after that it was cloudy thru the day.
Evening at around 5PM rain showers started again.
I think a LOW pressure trough is forming over the coast and the Rain rate might increase from Tonight.
Going by the rapid cloud formation over the coastal tamilnadu...and Bay, it's obvious that the North-East is alive, but for How many days???
Take a look at the latest satellite pic...

Today's Highs and Lows
Temperature: Hi: 29.7°C @ 10:53am ,Low: 22.9°C @ 12:01am
Humidity: Hi: 95% @ 3:21am ,Low: 72% @ 10:50am
Last 24hr rain: 7.8mm

Now take a look at the WIND direction.... for a surprise it shows that predominantly from WEST.

Latest satellite pic from

You can always follow this LINK to view various SATELLITE pics from,,IMD and more...