Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday, 2nd March Temperatures:

Mukdahan, Thailand was the hottest in Asia today, just short of 40c  at  39.7c, and several station in Thailand crossed 39c today, Saturday.

But, Konkan Coastline, Western India, was also amongst the hottest spots in India.

Highest was Ratnagiri, Maharastra Coast recording a close 39.2c (7.5c above normal), and Mumbai Scruz AP 38.0c,and Goa 37.7c.
Downtown Mumbai (Colaba) saw a high of 35.5c, while here Vagaries recorded 35.7c....

More on Vagaries ...and join in the Summer Temperature Contest in Vagaries.
A weak W.D is expected to affect Kashmir alone on 4-Mar...

As expected, the S-E Bay circulation is moving West along 5th parallel with the weak easterlies ... 

Rain due to Easterlies and circulation is expected to reach E.Srilanka on 3-Mar ...

The rains are expected to reach S,S-E,Central Tamilnadu coast on 4-Mar... 

 Scattered Showers are expected to spread over Tamilnadu, Kerala on 5,6-Mar ... 

#Chennai - May get an odd shower on 5,6-Mar !
2:30pm, CLEAR all over India, Shallow FOG or Hazy skies seen over Haryana, Punjab, Uttarpradesh, Bihar & Bengal..

Nagpur - slowly starting to heat up, at 2:40pm it was 36 C. #Mumbai it was 35 C. #Chennai it was 31 C ! 
Yesterday, Max. temps were above normal by 3­ to 7°C over W.Himalayan regions, N-E India, coastal Odisha, Saurashtra & Kutch and W. coast

Hot Maharastra coast, Highest maximum temperature of 39.0 C was recorded at Bhira (Maharashtra)

Strong winds from N-W India are seen pushing over Central, E.India and into N,N-W Bay. Winds reaching upto N.Tamilnadu.

#Chennai - Airport, Yesterday it was 32.3 C and today morning low temp was 21.5 C.

In south peninsula, Kurnool (Andhra) and Madurai Airport (S-Central Tamilnadu) recorded the highest  maximum temperature of 38 C.