Friday, December 18, 2009

Easterlies 'll be more effective over central and south coastal Tamilnadu than for Chennai & North coast ..
There's 100% chance that the WET easterlies will set in over Tamilnadu coast on 21-Dec-09.
Is it going to be a WET christmas for Tamilnadu coast and Chennai ..??
Good easterlies starting from 21-Dec-09 .. .. more rains along with it ..
More showers expected for Chennai & TN coast from 21-Dec-09 ..
Chennai - Today morning it was cold at 20.4°C (5:37am) ... now 6:13pm its 26.6°C and reducing.
More showers from Bay starting on 21-Dec .. .. and on 22-Dec ..
A clear looking southern peninsula .. .. but more showers from Bay in 72hrs.
Chennai - A local short shower possible over south and south-western suburbs.
Will there be more NE monsoon showers after this ?? .. Keep tracking
Chennai - Clear skies now 9:08am, today morning's low temperature was 22.2°C (5:37am)
Satellite shows, Whole of peninsula is clearing and Heavy formation can be seen over South-east corner of Bay..