Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Bangalore Raining again

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 6.50pm, Sunny day with partly cloudy skies. No formation of T.Clouds yet today. Eve skies.. 

#Bangalore - 8:16pm, "It's raining near BANNERGHATTA ROAD"
Badlapur - After 2 days, today got a mini shower in morning with rainfall amount of 6mm.

5pm, Moderate T Showers has now popped over W,N-W from #Chennai at around 50 to 150km, and into S Andhra coast as well.

4:30pm, Rain seen over N-central Chatisgarh, N Odisha, central Bengal, N Bihar and over S,central coast Andhra ... 

#WET days ahead for N,central coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S,central Andhra

#HOT and Humid cities at 2pm, Kolkata = 36 C, Amristar = 34 C, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow = 33 C.

#Chennai - 2:25pm, after HEAVY overnight rain, now its HOT and Humid. Temperature around 33 C. "more signs of rain seen".

Today, a weak low level circulation is seen over N Bengal, N Bangladesh ... and its trough seen S-W along S-E coast 

This N-S trough from N Bengal is expected to persist for another 2 days, and a low,mid level circulation to pop along S,central Andhra coast
On 6-Sep, a mid,upper level circulation is expected near #Chennai ... 

Today, a mid level circulation seen over S-E,E Gujarat .. this will pop rain over S,S-E,E Gujarat, N-W Maharastra and W,S-W Madhyapradesh

WET days ahead for coast Andhra and Tamilnadu coast from today till 9-Sep and beyond !
From 6-Sep, entire central,S Peninsula is going to be WET.. due to the upcoming circulation along Tamilnadu, Andhra coast.
But less rain forecast for most of Maharastra coast and Goa till 7-Sep.. Scattered rain expected for Kerala and Karnataka coast.
From today till 8-Sep, scattered T Showers expected for Tamilnadu except for South. Central,N coast to get HEAVY rain 
During next 2 days, some rain will be over N-E Andhra and Odisha as well. Meanwhile rest of coastal Andhra to get T.shower.
During next 3 days, scattered moderate rain will pop over East India states (Jharkhand, Bengal, Bihar, N Chatisgarh)
Most of N-E states of India will continue to get HEAVY rain during next 3 days.

#Chennai - More heavy rain ahead from Today till 10-Sep and beyond ! A circulation expected over Bay near #Chennai on 6-Sep.

#Bangalore - Moderate evening rain expected for next 2 days till the Bay circulation pops.

#Hyderabad - The rainfall activity to increase after the Bay circulation pops on 6-Sep.