Friday, April 29, 2011

29 April 2011 1600 UTC

NRLMRY [US Naval site] has identified a brewing- invest area in BOB. Chennai radar winds are also showing changes in wind flow direction now. Mid-Upper level northerly is seen. Mumbai is also reporting Northerly.
  • Meandering of WD to flow into BOB and to form invest area[?]

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Yes of course. Portion of wind from WD meanders and is gushing to form LOPAR in BOB. It is evident from sudden and violent TS activity near Pullambadi in Trichy district of Tamilnadu to day 30.04.2011 early hours. Elsewhere along and off that latitude severe TS activity was also reported i.e slightly along and off 10 Deg N latitude in TN.Train services from Chennai to southern districts and vice versa were disrupted.