Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Strong WD circulation travelling East across N-central India

Latest, a mid,upper-level WD trough and circulation seen along N-W India, N Rajasthan and drifting ESE..
In next 2 days, this WD circulation, trough will travel across E-central,East India and even affect NE states..

4:30pm, Due to WD..
HEAVY T showers over E,N-E Rajasthan, N,E,NE Madhyapradesh, Haryana, W,S,E Uttarpradesh..

Due to WD, Next 2 days.. scattered T showers expected over E,NE Madhyapradesh, S,E Uttarpradesh, N Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, N Odisha.
By Friday afternoon and into Saturday, Rain will push into S,central Bengal as well ...

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