Thursday, March 08, 2012

WoW... Plastic-Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Solve World’s Waste Problem ..
On 7-Mar, lowest minimum temperature of  6.9°C  has been recorded at Pilani (Rajasthan) 
Present W.D will die in another 36 hrs over Uttarakand, Himachal and W. Nepal, And next is expected to reach on 12-Mar.
On 7-Mar.. heavy rain over S. Kerala .. Kollam 7 cm, Kanjirapally (Kottayam dt) and Thodupuzha (Idukki dt) recorded 5 and 3 cm.
Till 12-Mar.. scattered showers possible over S. Kerala and S. tip of Tamilnadu ...
An easterlies moisture from Bay to hit S. Tamilnadu, Srilanka from 12/13-Mar... strong showers possible..
RT @astrallass: In Kerala again @kochi where it is in high 30's very unsettled thou with winds n rain, no doubt due to solar storms (5:58pm)
Day temp. all over peninsula to go down by 2 deg from 11/12-Mar..
Day temp. has gone down over W, N-W, N, Central India.. and it'll remain that way till 11/12-Mar..
Biggest solar storm in years races toward Earth ..
chennai - touches another HOT 34.3°C (11:52am) and felt like 37 deg C. Sea breeze has set in now 2:29pm and temp. going down.!

Another March Cold Record in Maharashtra:

By touching 7.4c, Ahmednagar recorded its lowest March temperature evr on Wednesday. 7th March 2012. (Point No.3 of Sunday's Weekly Forecast). The previous low was 7.5c recorded on 17th March 1980.

M-2 is approaching the northern regions of the sub-continent. M-2 would move iinto Indian states of Kashmir, H.P. and Utteranchal on Sunday 11th. Likely to precipitate snow in the higher ranges and good rainfall in the lower hills of Kashmir and H.P. on Sunday.
By Monday, the system would slide into Western Nepal.