Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great morning

Great warm, humid and bright morning.
Deep blue skies. It means we can expect a NEW weather front to move in OR the OLD weather front has cleared.
Mostly Deep blue skies mean more rain on the way..!!
Good eastern air current.
Lot's of heavy cloud movement from east.
Lot's of Electric cloud formation can be seen over the Sea to the east. This means there's something out there.
We can expect the showers to break out after today evening.

South-south tamilnadu (kanyamumari district) is still experiencing Afternoon rains almost daily.
Update regarding the Depression "Noul" over vietnam..:
The system has almost dissipated completely.
JTWC has also given up tracking the system.

Going by the latest satellite pic..
We can see lots of activities over the MARKED area on the satellite image. We'll keep an eye on that area.