Sunday, February 13, 2011

RT @akshaydeoras: Light drizzle in Amritsar since 3AM and rain in Srinagar since early morning. Ongoing snowfall continues in higher reaches
This is the 1st W.D of "spring-2011" that is going to travel ALL along upto Assam.. entire Himalayan foot hills... Many more to come.
The W.D will move over Nepal on 16-Feb, over Sikkim on 17-Feb and finally cross into Assam, Arunachal on 17,18-Feb
Present W.D over Kashmir will travel over Himachal and Uttarakhand on 14,15,16-Feb.
From 16-Feb to 19-Feb... More chances of isolated Rain over entire S-E Peninsula ...
From 16-Feb due to S-E air current moisture will push in over Tamilnadu coast from Bay .. possibility of isolated rain.
From 16-Feb, S-E peninsula will have wind from S-E and the present E.central Anti-Cyclone will move over N. Bay ...
Now the ever present UAC is over S. South Bay and its expected to move west and give rain again to S-E Srilanka..
6:30am, A strong western disturbance is affecting Kashmir and Himachal pradesh ...